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Faculty and Staff Directory

The Anthony School Faculty & Staff

Charlotte Anderson
Anderson, Charlotte
4th Grade Teacher
Julie Bahbaz
Bahbaz, Julie
2nd Grade Teacher
Courtney Blaisdell
Blaisdell, Courtney
Literacy & Learning Coach
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1st Grade Page
Leah Bushey
Bushey, Leah
Assistant Head of School
Carolyn Caig
Caig, Carolyn
Upper MS Language Arts Teacher
Deni Clark
Clark, Deni
Lower MS History Teacher
Chris Coles
Coles, Chris
Technology Director
Natalie Darnell
Darnell, Natalie
Lower MS Language Arts Teacher
Mady Deaton
Deaton, Mady
Extended Day Programming Director
Jennifer Dunlap
Dunlap, Jennifer
Office Manager
Graeme Ellzey
Ellzey, Graeme
3rd-MS Art Teacher
Chris Elsworth
Elsworth, Chris
Full-Time Substitute
Jeremy Estell
Estell, Jeremy
MS French Teacher/Music Director
Julie Farrar
Farrar, Julie
3rd Grade Teacher
Julie Fiser
Fiser, Julie
Lower MS Science Teacher
Stacy Fleisch
Fleisch, Stacy
Business Manager
Rader Francis
Francis, Rader
4th Grade Teacher
Abby French
French, Abby
Lower MS Math Teacher
Sawyer Gibbons
Gibbons, Sawyer
Volleyball Coach
Crystal Graves
Graves, Crystal
Strings Instructor
Caroline Hansen
Hansen, Caroline
EC Aide & Instructional Support
Caroline Harper
Harper, Caroline
PreK3-2nd Grade Art Teacher
Sheri Hunter
Hunter, Sheri
1st Grade Teacher
Vincent Hunter Jr.
Hunter Jr., Vincent
Basketball Coach
Adele Jackson
Jackson, Adele
Upper MS Math Teacher
Jessi Kidwell
Kidwell, Jessi
PreK3 Teacher
Virginia Lee
Lee, Virginia
Kindergarten Teacher
Sara Mafakheri
Mafakheri, Sara
Spanish Teacher
Chris McDaniel
McDaniel, Chris
Upper MS Science Teacher
Adam McEvoy
McEvoy, Adam
S.T.E.A.M. Coordinator
Jamie McGarry
McGarry, Jamie
PreK4 Teacher
Mary Shannon Metrailer
Metrailer, Mary Shannon
School Nurse
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School Nurse
Grant Nolen
Nolen, Grant
P.E. Teacher
Shana Nolen
Nolen, Shana
Head of School
Jessica Peeler
Peeler, Jessica
Administrative Assistant
Cheryl Phelan
Phelan, Cheryl
1st Grade Teacher
Jessica Phillips
Phillips, Jessica
Early Childhood Music & PE Teacher
Nicole Podesta
Podesta, Nicole
Upper MS Language Arts & Drama
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Megan Pope
Pope, Megan
Social Emotional Learning Specialist
Amy Prince
Prince, Amy
Kindergarten Teacher
Michele Purifoy
Purifoy, Michele
PreK4 Teacher
Hannah Rutherford
Rutherford, Hannah
PreK3 Teacher
Lane Scott
Scott, Lane
3rd Grade Teacher
Claudia Spivey
Spivey, Claudia
World Cultures & Languages Teacher
Matt Spivey
Spivey, Matt
Upper MS History Teacher
Kayla Stout
Stout, Kayla
2nd Grade Teacher
Adam Sullivan
Sullivan, Adam
Lower MS Language Arts Teacher
Amanda Taylor
Taylor, Amanda
Librarian & Director of Programming
Jeremy Teeter
Teeter, Jeremy
Coding & Computer Programming Instructor
McKenzie Townsend
Townsend, McKenzie
4th Grade Teacher
Ann Vanhook
Vanhook, Ann
Admissions Director
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Admissions Information
Emely Varela
Varela, Emely
Caitlin Watt
Watt, Caitlin
Educational Interventionist
Ashton Winkelmeyer
Winkelmeyer, Ashton
P.E. Teacher & Facilities Manager
Melissa Wolfe
Wolfe, Melissa
Director of Marketing & Communications
Miguel Zuniga
Zuniga, Miguel