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Faculty and Staff Directory

The Anthony School Faculty & Staff

Rebekah Allen
Allen, Rebekah
EC Aide and PE Instructor
Charlotte Anderson
Anderson, Charlotte
2nd Grade Teacher
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Stacy Barnes
Barnes, Stacy
Administrative Assistant
Courtney Blaisdell
Blaisdell, Courtney
1st Grade Teacher
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1st Grade Page
Brandon Brady
Brady, Brandon
MS Basketball Coach
Leah Bushey
Bushey, Leah
Head of Lower School
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PreK3-5th Grade Page
Carolyn Caig
Caig, Carolyn
MS Language Arts/6th Grade Sponsor
Billie Chan
Chan, Billie
3rd Grade Teacher
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Deni Clark
Clark, Deni
5th Grade Teacher & 4th/5th Grade Social Studies/History
Chris Coles
Coles, Chris
Technology Director
Natalie Darnell
Darnell, Natalie
5th Grade Teacher & 4th/5th Grammar and Composition
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Ms. Darnell's 5th Grade Page
Jennifer Dunlap
Dunlap, Jennifer
Administrative Assistant
Graeme Ellzey
Ellzey, Graeme
3rd-MS Art Teacher
Jeremy Estell
Estell, Jeremy
MS French Teacher/Music Director
Julie Farrar
Farrar, Julie
1st Grade Teacher
Stacy Fleisch
Fleisch, Stacy
Business Manager
Abby French
French, Abby
4th Grade Teacher & 4th/5th Grade Math
Caroline Hansen
Hansen, Caroline
Coach & PE Instructor
Caroline Harper
Harper, Caroline
PreK3-2nd Grade Art
Leslie Heister
Heister, Leslie
MS Language Arts/8th Grade Sponsor
April Hesselbein
Hesselbein, April
4th Grade Teacher & 4th/5th Grade Science
Sheri Hunter
Hunter, Sheri
2nd Grade Teacher
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2nd Grade Page
Adele Jackson
Jackson, Adele
6th-8th Grade Math Teacher/7th Grade Sponsor
Laura Jones
Jones, Laura
PreK3 Teacher
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PreK3 Page
Amy Kelton
Kelton, Amy
PreK4 Transition Teacher
Virginia Lee
Lee, Virginia
Kindergarten Teacher
Linda Lopez
Lopez, Linda
3rd-5th & MS Spanish/6th Grade Sponsor
Nicole Mann
Mann, Nicole
Creative Writing, 7th Grade Lit, Debate-Drama Teacher/8th Grade Sponsor
Beth Massa
Massa, Beth
Violin/Strings Teacher
Chris McDaniel
McDaniel, Chris
MS Science/7th Grade Sponsor
Jamie McGarry
McGarry, Jamie
PreK4 Teacher
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PreK3 Page
Mary Shannon Metrailer
Metrailer, Mary Shannon
School Nurse
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School Nurse
Maddie Moffett
Moffett, Maddie
Kindergarten Teacher
Shana Nolen
Nolen, Shana
Head of School
Cheryl Phelan
Phelan, Cheryl
1st Grade Teacher
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1st Grade Page
Michele Purifoy
Purifoy, Michele
PreK4 Teacher
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PreK3 Page
Lane Scott
Scott, Lane
3rd Grade Teacher
Claudia Spivey
Spivey, Claudia
PreK3-2nd Grade Spanish Teacher
Matt Spivey
Spivey, Matt
MS History Teacher/8th Grade Sponsor
Amanda Taylor
Taylor, Amanda
Librarian & STEAM Teacher
Ann Vanhook
Vanhook, Ann
Admissions Director
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Admissions Information
Emely Varela
Varela, Emely
Caitlin Watt
Watt, Caitlin
Educational Interventionist & Garden Coordinator
Ashton Winkelmeyer
Winkelmeyer, Ashton
Coach & PE Instructor
Melissa Wolfe
Wolfe, Melissa
Director of Marketing & Communications
Miguel Zuniga
Zuniga, Miguel