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Amanda Taylor

Welcome to The Anthony School Library! The library is a place for reading, research and studying. Comfy seating beckons students to curl up and read...a book, a NOOK or a magazine. Students are invited to drop by the library whenever they are finished with their class work (with teacher permission of course)! TAS is blessed to have a collection of over 16,000 books available for students to check out. In addition, the laptop cart is available for classroom or individual use. 

About Me

I have been the librarian at The Anthony School since 2006. I have the unique pleasure of working all the students, PreK3-8th grade! I love helping the children choose books for their pleasure reading as well as researching for projects. I have recently taken on the role of STEAM instructor, this gives me another unique opportunity to work with the students.  STEAM is a wonderful opportunities for students to colloborate, think outside the box and try new things.


Studies show that reading with parents, seeing parents read as well as reading independently are all vital to a child’s educational career.   Children love to share things about their school day, take the time to ask not only about what they learned but about books their teacher read to them or books they chose to read or look at independently.