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The Anthony Campaign

The Anthony Campaign
The Mission of The Anthony Campaign / Annual Fund
The Anthony Campaign is the primary way The Anthony School raises money to support all areas of school life.  Gifts to the annual fund enable us to enrich and enhance our  students' educational experience by providing advances in technology, maintaining top-notch faculty and administration, facility improvements, innovative curriculum and much more.  The Anthony Campaign is a vital resource for helping make The Anthony School the special place that it is - from our diverse community to our philosophy of "advancing independent and excited students."  Everyone at The Anthony School is asked to support The Anthony Campaign and we strive for 100% participation from families, Board of Trustees, faculty, and staff.
"The faculty at TAS is invested in our little learners and want to give them every opportunity to succeed. Unforunately, tuition only covers regular operation costs. The extras - new materials, engaging workshops, cutting-edge technology, outdoor classroom enhancements - come from the annual fund. Giving to this fund is a wonderful way to support our teachers as they support our students. Please join me in making a contribution today."
 -Beverly Israel, mother of Graham and Claire 
Power of Participation  
Like many independent schools, tuition alone does not cover the cost of educating each student. The annual fund helps bridge the gap and ensure our students continue to receive an exceptional education without having to significantly increase tuition.
We ask for our entire TAS community to make a gift to the annual fund each year. Every gift, regardless of size, makes a difference and sends a powerful message of your belief and pride in your Anthony School experience. 
The Impact of Many  
Additional revenue from the annual fund directly supports the extraordinary experiences that enable our students to develop into confident, lifelong learners.  Your gift helps enhance the educational experience of each student by providing:
  • An advanced curriculum rooted in core subjects and enhanced with specialty courses
  • Security and safety resources
  • Playground improvements and new equipment
  • Technology upgrades and innovations: iPads or laptops integrated in every classroom
  • A modern science lab and inspiring art classes
  • Extracurricular educational experiences
  • Competitive salaries, benefits, and professional development for faculty
  • School accreditations and scholar programs such as the National Junior Honor Society
  • Our students love learning! 

Click here to make an online donation today! 

2019-2020 Annual Fund Donors

Thank you to the following families and supporters for donating to the 2019-2020 Annual Fund Campaign. 

Suzanna & Alan Abston
Maureen & Rick Adkins
Karen Akana
Denise & Greg Albert
Charlotte & Terry Anderson
Aline Andres & Nicolas Berjot
Melissa & Michael Angtuaco
Amy & Simon Bagnall
Stacy & Jody Barnes
Terry & James Barnes
Crystal Barr
Colleen & Charles Batcheller
Ashley & Brent Beazley
Marie & Chris Bennett
Barbara & Lonnie Bewernitz
Nan & David Black
Courtney Blaisdell
Ginny & Drew Blankenship
Gabriel & Will Bond
Tim Boozer
Brittany & Jennings Boyette
Diana & Bill Brasher
Eric Bravo
Brooke & Kyle Bridges
Julissa & Robert Buchmann
Brent Bumpers
Debbie & Ron Burks
Leah Bushey
Morgan & Steven Bybee
Carolyn & Bob Caig
Alan Carlson
Beth & Brian Carty
Alison & Brad Chambers
Billie Chan
Minjun Chen
Jennifer Co & Patrick Cheng
Deni Clark
Chris & Lori Coles
Dr. Blane Covert
Kristin & Tom Crowder
Martha Crowder
Samantha & David Curran
Natalie & Scott Darnell
Judith Davenport
Sydney & James Davenport
Connie & Steve Davis
Linda Drobena
Jennifer & Ronnie Dunlap
Graeme & Richard Ellzey
Severine Cottrant & Jeremy Estell
Dr. Debra Fiser
Claire & Wesley Fiser
Stacy & George Fleisch
Jennifer & Robert Forrest
Heather & Casey Franks
Abby & Miles French
Dr. Jerry & Dona Friend
Dottie & Frank Funk
Hapsy Glover
Amber & Vincent Gregory
Kay Gregory
Ken Gregory
Shannon & Geoff Gwinn
Caroline & Jason Hansen
Brandy & Richard Harp
Russell D Harrington Jr.
Sarah Beth & Brooks Harrington
Leslie & Michael Heister
Kelly & Michael Hendren
Kathryn & Brad Henry
Martha & Brad Henry
April & Tom Hesselbein
Susan Hickman
Katherine & Gabe Holmstrom
Jessica & Jay Horton
Lisa Mommsen & Joe Howard
Sheri Hunter
Beverly & Michael Israel
Karen & Paul Israel
Nancy Ivy
Adele & Lee Jackson
Julie & Aaron Janos
Laura Jones
Ramah B Jones
Sarah Jones
Michelle & Stafford Justus
Amy Kelton
Jill & Jason Kennedy
Kathleen & Gary Kinasewitz
Janet & Scott Korenblat
Jennifer & David Lamb
Virginia & Jeremiah Lee
Melanie Lefler
Brianna & Nicolas Leland
Linda Lopez
Monica Lulky
Nicole Mann
Beth Massa
Rebecca & Floyd Martin
Chris McDaniel
Jamie & Thomas McGarry
Abby & Damon McKelvy
Sheila & Jeff McNeil
Rebecca & Nick McNeill
Mary Shannon & Aaron Metrailer
GG & Chad Millard
Kathleen & Robert Millard
Maddie Moffett
Lisa Mommsen and Joseph Howard
Sharon Morgan
Mary & Jack Mulhollan
Whitney & Kourtney Nichols
Shana & Chris Nolen
Chris Odom
Angela & Scott Padgett
Palisade Wealth Management
Denise & Shannon Palmer
Kricia & Jon Palmer
Nikki & Paul Parnell
Allison & Doug Patchell
Roshni & Raj Patel
Kay & Bill Patton
Carrie & Kyle Peacock
Cheryl Phelan
Julie & Eric Pierce
Florence Polito
Katherine & Chris Pope
Megan & Jonathan Pope
Sylvia & Joe Potter
Jill & Jeff Pratt
Dr. Jane Prince
Michele & Phil Purifoy
Lisa & Matthew Ragland
Steve Ragland
Eden & Adam Raines
Susan & Justin Ray
Bob Razer
Regi & Richard Redix
Carol & Robert Ricketts
Paula K Roberson
Dr. Chad Rodgers
Roderick Romilly
Herb Rule
Pam Russell
Cindy & Aaron Salisbury
Liz & Karl Schultz
Lane & Keith Scott
Mary Anne & Rob Seibert
Sara & Kevin Shalin
Angie & Ben Shy
Joan & Dave Simon
Gene Sloan
Andi & Carey Smith
Kathryn Smith
Jennifer & Greg Snow
James Sorensen
Claudia & Matt Spivey
Kelly & Matt Steliga
Becky & John Steward
Dana & Bill Steward
Wendy & Charles Stewart
Jean Stimers
Tuckkie Strode
Barbara Stroope
Carolyn & Joe Strode
Angie & Phillip Suffridge
Elizabeth & Adam Sullivan
TAS 8th Grade Class
TAS ParentCrew
TAS PantherDads
TAS Sunshine
Gina & Philip Tappan
Amanda & Shawn Taylor
Jenny & Jeremy Teeter
Cara & Chance Tharp
Amelia & Evan Thompson
Ann & Robert Vanhook
Linda & Fred VanHook
Charles Vanlandingham
Brooke Vines
Karron & Eugene Wages
Keri & Howard Walker
Tasha & Wes Ward
Babs & Jonathan Wardlaw
Caitlin Watt
Kathleen & Jeff Weidauer
Mary & Troy Wells
Stephen Whaley
The Wilcox Family
Stacy & Ivan Wilson
Ashton & Cassie Winkelmeyer
Melissa & Jeremy Wolfe

Giving Levels
$20,000 and above 
Founders Society
$10,000 - $19,999
Jeanne Anthony Society 
$5,000 - $9,999
1944 Society 
$3,000 - $4,999
Shield Society 
$1,000 - $2,999
Legacy Society
$500 - $999
up to $499
Panther Partner 
For more information or to make a gift, please contact:
 Shana Nolen
Head of School