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Give Every Year, Make a Difference Every Day - Annual Fund

If you would prefer to donate to our annual fund by check, pledge a donation, or schedule monthly or quarterly payments, please download a donation form here and return it to the school office.

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"Magenta. I learned what the color magenta was as an Anthony third grader in 1982 while sitting at an Apple computer. As the story goes, co-founder and head of school, Mrs. Jeanne Anthony, knew then that computers were going to be important in our daily lives. I clearly remember her walking back and forth behind us, walkie talkie in hand, as we clicked on color options to create our on-screen art. 

Why is my 1982 Anthony magenta moment important to the 2019-2020 Anthony you know today? Because what Mrs. Jeanne envisioned years ago is still in full swing, and it works! She envisioned wrapping solid, traditional-based academics in forward thinking, arts-rich, complementary experiences to facilitate a well-rounded child. When people ask me to explain Anthony, I say it is similar to an education received at a liberal arts college but age-appropriate. 

 Annual fund gifts from then until now have helped make Anthony what it is today. Any size gift is a welcome, appreciated, and wisely used gift. Please join me in making a contribution today."
Mary Cole Wells (as a 3rd grader)
TAS Graduate and Mom of two current students 

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