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General TAS Athletics Information

TAS Panther Competitive athletics is an integral part of The Anthony School program. Through athletics, Anthony offers students the opportunity to develop athletic skills throughout the year. One of the most visible activities in the school, the athletic program possesses standards, goals, and ideals that complement the academic programs. The Anthony School administers its programs with fairness and integrity as it strives for excellence.

The athletic program seeks to produce student-athletes with a high level of intellectual and moral character, build athletic teams that favorably represent The Anthony School, and establish teams that are consistently competitive. The Anthony Middle School is an active member of the Arkansas Activities Association. This association includes 475 public and private middle and high schools in the state, and through participation in the Association, the athletic programs help to prepare the Anthony Middle School students for high school athletics.

The Anthony School's third through sixth-grade students are eligible to participate in the Private School League. The League comprises six private schools in the Little Rock area. The Anthony School boys may choose to participate in football with another school in the fall and basketball in the winter. Elementary volleyball was introduced for fifth and sixth-grade girls this fall. Cheerleading was added to the girls' athletic program during the 2003-04 school year. Students third through eighth grades are eligible to participate in golf. The Anthony school has joined First Tee school program. Students participate in the fall and play a more competitive schedule in the spring. Cheerleaders practice on a regular basis, and they cheer at all home games. The cheerleaders promote school spirit within the school and community, advocate good sportsmanship, and represent The Anthony School in a positive manner.

Special events emphasizing athletics and school spirit include: elementary sports assembly, middle school sports banquet, spirit week, basketball homecoming, and spring middle school sports assembly.

The Anthony School emphasizes two main aspects in the athletic program: the importance of teaching the fundamentals to build a strong foundation and the experience to practice and play in a chosen sport. The Anthony School athletic programs facilitate a smooth transition into high school athletics.

Membership in the Arkansas Activities Association

The Anthony School has been a member of the Arkansas Activities Association since 1999. The Anthony School Middle School Athletics adheres to the guidelines set by the AAA.
MISSION STATEMENT. The mission of the Arkansas Activities Association is to promote the value of participation in interscholastic activities in the AAA member schools and to provide services to the schools in a fair and impartial manner while assisting and supporting their efforts to develop thinking, productive and prepared individuals as they become positive, contributing citizens modeling the democratic principles of our state and nation.
PURPOSE. More specifically the main purposes of the association shall be to:
  • Promote the educational values inherent in interscholastic activities that contribute to the accepted aims of education while avoiding interference with the educational goals of the school.
  • Ensure that interscholastic activities shall remain an integral part of the educational program as they provide opportunities for youth to acquire worthwhile knowledge, skills, and attitudes.
  • Promote an understanding that participation in interscholastic activities is a privilege accorded to those who meet the adopted criteria.
  • Foster a cooperative spirit of good sportsmanship on the part of the school representatives, school patrons, and students.
  • Support opportunities for students to experience the benefits that are derived from teamwork, developing a sense of fair play and accomplishment. Promote an understanding and appreciation that rules, consistently applied, create order and discipline.
  • Provide standard and consistent interpretations of the rules of the association as adopted by the member schools or authorized by the Board of Directors.
  • Conduct championship events by the procedures adopted by the schools in a thorough and impartial manner.
  • Prevent exploitation of youth by special interest groups.
  • Develop standards of officiating and adjudicating to ensure greater statewide consistency and quality.

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