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What We Do

What We Do

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Working parent? Stay at home parent? No problem.

Homeroom Parent(s) Committee

  • Assists the chair in coordinating all the homeroom parents/helping them in their roles within each classroom 
  • Distributes and organizes interest questionnaires to all teachers and staff 
  • Makes sure that each classroom has a homeroom parent volunteer 
  • Creates and distributes packets with information for each homeroom parent volunteer
  • Communicates important information on a regular basis to the homeroom parent volunteers 

Interested? Contact Kathryn Henry  

Teacher Appreciation Committee

  • Assists the chair in planning and implementing all teacher appreciation events, including Teacher Appreciation Week in May 
  • Assists the chair in planning and  
  • Coordinates teacher's lounge supplies 
  • Coordinates monthly/weekly teacher snacks/meals

Interested? Contact Jennifer Forrest  

Social Committee

  • Organizes and staffs the popsicle party for younger students 
  • Organizes and staffs ice cream social during Anthony 101 
  • Matches mentor TAS family match with new families  
  • Organizes and staffs BINGO nights 
  • Coordinates all aspects of TASte events
  • Coordinates ParentCrew Coffee social events

Interested? Contact Liz Schultz 

ParentCrew Fundraiser Committee

  • Plans, organizes and executes the annual Fall Fundraiser (Readathon) for ParentCrew 

Interested? Contact Melissa Wolfe Stacy Wilson, or  Ginny Blankenship

Community Enrichment Committee
  • Plans, organizes, and implements Family Fun Night  
  • Plans Book Fair event with school librarian 
  • Plans, coordinates and executes Penguin Patch
  • Plans, organizes, and implements STEAMAPALOOZA
  • Coordinates all other social/welcoming events throughout the year

Interested? Contact  Ashley Beazley,Rebecca McNeill, Brooke Ivy Bridges, or Selina Ripa

Consumer Rewards Committee

  • Assists the chair in collecting, sorting and submitting all BoxTops and Labels for Education
  • Assists the chair in working with Kroger Community Rewards program and Amazon Smile program
  • Creates and promotes the programs within the school  

Interested? Contact Amy Bagnall  or Devon Carlson  

Community Rewards information 

Communications/PR Committee

  • Assists chair in broadening awareness of ParentCrew and, in turn, promotes fundraising and volunteer enrollment
  • Contributres to  the monthly newsletter, writes the annual report and updates the ParentCrew webpage
  • Facilitates in aspects of communication within ParentCrew 
  • Makes social media posts reminding parents of upcoming ParentCrew events and needs, as well as posts that celebrate ParentCrew's achievements

Interested? Contact Jill Kennedy or Sydney Davenport

Donations Committee

  • Assists the chair in overseeing all donations and sponsorships for ParentCrew-related events
  • Maintains an inventory of all sponsorships/ donations
  • Sends tax-deductible forms and thank you notes for all items/funds donated 

Interested? Contact Brittany Snyman


  • PantherDads is a service-based social group of involved parents. Our mission is to increase every parent's involvement in the Anthony Schcool community. PantherDads are a valued ParentCrew committee organizing special events during the school year. 

            Interested? Contact Jason Kennedy or Click here to be added to the PantherDads email list  

2020-2021 ParentCrew Board

President Jeremy Teeter   
Vice President Jill Kennedy
Immediate Past President Michelle Justus   
Co-Secretary Kathryn Henry
Co-Secretary Ashley Beazley
Treasurer Lisa Ragland
Treasurer-Elect Jennifer Forrest   
Communications Chair Jill Kennedy
Communications Co-Chair  Sydney Davenport
Homeroom Liason Chair Kathryn Henry  
Teacher Appreciation Chair Jennifer Forrest
Social Committee Chair Liz Schultz
Fundraiser Committee Chair Melissa Wolfe
Fundraiser Committee Co-Chair Stacy Wilson
Fundraiser Committee Co-Chair Ginny Blankenship
Community Enrichment Committee Co-Chair Ashley Beazley
Community Enrichment Committee Co-Chair Brooke Ivy Bridges
Community Enrichment Committee Co-Chair Rebecca McNeill
Community Enrichment Committee Co-Chair Selena Ripa
Consumer Rewards Committee Chair Devon Carlson
Consumer Rewards Committee Co-Chair Amy Bagnall
Donations Committee Chair Brittany Snyman
At-Large Natalie Darnell
At-Large Carrie Peacock
Panther Dads Jason Kennedy
Teacher Liaison Carolyn Caig
Teacher Liaison Kelly Steliga
Teacher Liaison Claudia Spivey