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Events, Meetings, Committees

ParentCrew Events, Meeting Dates, Committee Information


ParentCrew supported events:
ParentCrew is offering school supply packages as a fundraiser for the 2024-2025 school year.  The deadline to order is July 12.  A few items are not covered by the ParentCrew fundraiser. Click HERE to see items not covered or click HERE to see the full supply lists. 

Supply Package Pricing:
  • PreK3: $95
  • PreK4: $130
  • Kindergarten: $135
  • 1st Grade: $165
  • 2nd Grade: $145
  • 3rd Grade: $145
  • 4th Grade: $135
  • 5th Grade: $140 (options to add on a locker shelf or calculator)
  • 6th Grade: $130 (options to add on a locker shelf or calculator)
  • 7th Grade: $100 (options to add on a locker shelf or calculator)
  • 8th Grade: $105 (options to add on a locker shelf or calculator)

Upcoming ParentCrew Meetings:
Meetings are the second Tuesday of each month from 8-9am in the TAS Cafeteria. The first ParentCrew meeting for the 2024-25 school year will be held Tuesday, September 10.

Can't make it in person? Click here to join the Zoom meeting. 

2023-2024 Committee Chair/Co-Chair/Vice Chair  information


President: Jennifer Forrest

Vice President: Amy Bagnall

Treasurer: Michelle Justus

Secretary: Kathryn Henry

Immediate Past President: Ashley Beazley


Committee Chair: Jeremy Teeter

  • PantherDads is a service-based social group of involved parents. Our mission is to increase every parent's involvement in the Anthony School community. PantherDads are a valued ParentCrew committee organizing special events during the school year. 

For more information or to be added to the PantherDads list, email [email protected]

Homeroom Parent Committee

Committee Chair: Lisa Ragland

  • Recruits homeroom parent leaders for each classroom. 

  • Creates and distributes packets with information & monetary funds for each lead homeroom parent volunteer at welcome event.

  • Communicates important information on a regular basis to the homeroom parent leaders.

  • Maintains list of all non-homeroom teachers/staff/faculty birthdays and delivers gifts during their birthday week.  

Community Enrichment Committee

Committee Co-Chairs: Rebecca McNeill (STEAMapalooza), Payton Rogers (book fair),  Jennifer Reed (Family Fun Night), Kathy O’Connor (Family Fun Night) 

  • Plans, organizes, and implements Family Fun Night in fall 2023.

  • Plans Book Fair event with school librarian.

  • Plans, organizes, and implements STEAMAPALOOZA in April 2024.

Donations Committee

Committee Chair: Brittany Snyman

  • Works closely with PC event chairs to coordinate donation requests and sponsorship needs.

  • Solicits donations and sponsorships for ParentCrew-related events.

  • Maintains an inventory of all sponsorships/ donations.

  • Coordinates monthly proceeds nights/give back events with restaurants and retail partners.

ParentCrew Fundraiser Committee 

Committee Chair(s):  Ashley Beazley (school supplies), Liz Schultz (playbooks, Paws on Pages), Amy Bagnall (Paws on Pages)

Committee Vice Chairman: Kathy O'Connor (school supplies), Katie Spain (school supplies)

  • Plans, organizes and executes the annual Fall Fundraiser, Paws on Pages.

  • Plans, organizes and executes the annual school supply fundraiser in June-September 2023.

  • Oversees Playbook fundraiser. Recruits a volunteer from each grade (grades PreK3 - 4th and  middle school) to make a playbook (Shutterfly) for their grade specific play. Pictures will be taken by TAS employees.

  • Solicits sub-committee chairs to help with events as needed.

Social Committee

Committee Co-Chairs: Jessica Cunningham, Savannah Baxter

  • Organizes and staffs the popsicle party, ice cream social and mentor program at the start of the school year.

  • Organizes and implements family “friend raising” events (BINGO, movie night, etc.).

  • Organizes & implements adult “friend raising” events (trivia night, TASte, ParentCrew coffee social).

Communications/PR Committee

Committee Chair: Jill Kennedy

  • Promotes ParentCrew and updates information for families. 

  • Solicits information from Committee Chairs for the TAS monthly newsletter.

  • Updates the ParentCrew webpage on the TAS website.

  • Maintains and updates ParentCrew facebook group.

Teacher Appreciation Committee

Committee Co-Chairs: Julia Hamra, Jessica Lord

  • Plans and implements all teacher appreciation events, including Teacher Appreciation Week in May.

  • Coordinates teacher's lounge supplies, snacks, meals.

2023-24 ParentCrew Board

President: Jennifer Forrest

Vice President: Amy Bagnall

Secretary: Kathryn Henry

Treasurer: Michelle Justus

Immediate Past President: Ashley Beazley

Communications: Jill Kennedy

Homeroom Parent Chair: Lisa Ragland

Teacher Appreciation: Julia Hamra & Jessica Lord

Social Committee: Savanna Baxter & Jessica Cunningham

Fundraising: Ashley Beazley (School Supplies), Liz Schultz (Paws on Pages, Playbooks), Amy Bagnall (Paws on Pages), Katie Spain (School Supplies), Kathy O'Connor (School Supplies)

Community Enrichment: Rebecca McNeill (Steamapalooza), Payton Rogers (Book Fair), Jennifer Reed (Family Fun Night), Kathy O'Connor (Family Fun Night)  

Donations/Consumer Rewards: Brittany Snyman

PantherDads: Jeremy Teeter

At-Large: Julie Hardee

Teacher Liaison: Jessica Phillips