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1944 Club

The Commons.

For the longest time, it was the heart of the school. The gym. The stage. The kitchen and cafeteria. The early childhood art room and computer lab. Our theater program was born on that stage, and look at it now! Hundreds of P.E. students climbed the rope that still hangs; today they utilize professional pull-up bars in our gymnasium. The Commons has been the location for a variety of classes: Project-Based Learning, Global Studies, Strings, French, Music, Technology, STEAM, and more!
Still – geographically – the center of our campus, it has the opportunity to return to the hub it once was…to serve ALL of our students at TAS instead of only those in early childhood and lower elementary. It is past time to renovate this space. The Commons is certainly deserving of that.  
The renovated space will contain 4 classrooms: PreK3-2nd Grade Art Studio, 3rd-8th Grade Art Studio, STEAM Classroom, and Music Classroom. 

Please join me in donating to our Commons renovation. You can be a part of our "1944 Club" by donating $194.40, $1,944.00, or $19,440.00 today! You can also support TAS by donating $19.44 per month.

Head of School