Abby French

Welcome from Mrs. French

Welcome from Mrs. French
 Parents and students,
   Welcome Back to The Anthony School! I am excited for a fabulous year in 4th grade! 
Get ready for a transition year that will leave you with a smile on your face and great confidence in your heart!
   My name is Abby French, and I am thrilled you are here at the Anthony School. I have the privilege of teaching my FAVORITE subject, math, to fourth and fifth graders. I am also a fourth grade homeroom and spelling/vocabulary teacher. 
   This is my third year at The Anthony School and I am so excited to be here. While it is my first year here, this is my sixth year in the classroom. 
   Please always feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you have about school. Let's get this school year started!! 
Abby French


13- Meet the teacher and supply drop off 8:30-12
20- Back to school night @ 6:15-7:00  
2- NO school

Math Policies and Procedures

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For 4th and 5th grade, homework is given most every night excluding weekends. The purpose of math homework is to practice and reinforce the skill learned in class that day.  Because the homework routine varies from one household to the next my policy is such- a student will receive a 10/10 completion grade for attempting the assignment with their best effort. An incomplete or forgotten assignment will result in a 0/10. Homework will be checked and corrected in class by each student with a chance to ask questions of any incorrect or difficult problems. I remind the students to ask questions as often as needed because it is my way of knowing where help is needed.  I have found this method very successful in the past.
Short morning work assignments may be given daily, but will be checked after 4-5 assignments have accumulated.  These assignments are a mixed review of math skills as well as some reinforcement.  I will use the even numbered pages in the Practice workbook and pages out of the Mathematics Concepts workbook.
Math quizzes will be given at a MidChapter checkpoint and Chapter tests will be given at the end of each chapter.  Quizzes will be graded according to the number of answers possible and tests will be graded as a 100 point grade.  Binder sections and folders can be purged at that time to decrease clutter!

4th grade Spelling and Vocabulary

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 A new spelling lesson is covered each week, unless otherwise noted.  The spelling list can be found in the Journeys workbook and at
Spelling test will be given on Friday mornings during the normally scheduled math time.  A student may be excused from 1 test per nine weeks if absent on test day.

Vocabulary lessons are covered over a two week time period.  The word list can be found in the Wordly Wise workbook.  At the beginning of each new lesson we will spend a class period discussing the new words and how to use them in everyday conversations.  It is more important to learn what the word truly means than to memorize its definition!
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