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Seven Tips to Prepare for the School Year

We have started the 2020-2021 school year! Normally this is a time of anticipation and excitement for students and teachers. But this year, the anticipation is mixed with uncertainty and nervousness. There are so many questions that no one knows the answers to. What should I expect? Will we be safe? How big will the gap caused by COVID-19 be?

Virtual Learning Tips for the 2020-2021 School Year

Remember just a few short months ago when we were all suddenly stuck at home and thrown into an online learning experience that made us uncomfortable, unsure, and unhappy? Perhaps now you are choosing the virtual option for your child — or maybe it’s being chosen for you. This time can (and will) be different, and you can be the one to help your child make the best out of this situation. 

The Show Must Go On...line!

The abrupt end of the school year meant events students had worked for all year long often went unfinished, undone or forgotten. Proms, graduations, sporting events and end of the year celebrations were all postponed or canceled, and all across the country, stages were left empty and curtains remained closed.  

But anyone who loves theater knows that no matter what . . . the show must go on. 

Summer Reading - Together!

With the unexpected end of the school year and the stress that many parents experienced in trying to work (as well as assist with distance learning), the idea of continuing learning may not be at the top of parents’ lists. However, with summer upon us, there is a wonderful opportunity for children and parents to enjoy learning with each other: taking the time to read together. The most important thing to remember about reading with your child is that it is not about teaching them to read, but teaching them to love reading and realizing what a pleasure it can be to get lost in a book.

COVID-19: Seven Tips for Next School Year
With schools now closed and parents homeschooling, the question on everyone's mind is when will schools reopen and what will it be like when it does? As an educator, I have been busy navigating the new way of teaching remotely from home. I'm trying to keep my students' learning as much in line with what I would be doing face to face in school as I can. But I'm also thinking ahead to the new school year when the next group of kids comes into my classroom. With so much uncertainty right now, what should I expect? How big will the gap caused by COVID-19 be? Will I start the year as I always do, or will I need to change my approach to teaching?
Discovering Art in Everyday Life
Graeme Ellzey is the 3rd-8th grade art teacher at The Anthony School. She designed these activities to bring joy and encouragement into your family's day — rain or shine.
Helping Your Kids Handle So Many Emotions during COVID-19

Fearful. Angry. Confused. Anxious. Overwhelmed. Tense. Sad.

These are feelings every adult in America (and, really, around the world) has had the past few weeks as things have come undone all around us. We’re being bombarded with information that is changing by the hour and our daily lives today look vastly different than they did a month ago. As adults, our emotions during this time are often crushing. What must our children be feeling?

Come Watch Us Grow!
Educational Benefits of School Gardens and Outdoor Classrooms
Age-Appropriate Behavioral Expectations & Age-Appropriate Responsibilities
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