Maureen Adkins - PreK3 & PreK4 Music

Early Childhood Music

Welcome to my music class!
What other class lets you sing like a bird, jump like a frog, flutter like a butterfly or hop like a bunny?  Or even dance like a snowflake?

Why, Early Childhood Music Class, of course!

Oh, what a beautiful morning. Spring has finally arrived. We are excited to put away the bears and bats and snakes that hibernate. It will be exciting to meet new puppets, like the butterflies, redbirds, and the honey bees. We can finally sing songs about flowers blooming, and grass turning green, and warmer temps. Yippee!

Besides spring songs, PreK4 students have begun singing songs that begin with the Letter of the Week. It’s a great way to reinforce the letters and fun to sing the songs, too.

Contact Ms. Maureen
Welcome to Music here at The Anthony School. I am in my 26th year teaching here. I love to teach music and hope to engage my students to love to learn. I knew from an early age that music was my passion. I received my Masters degree in Music from the University of Mississippi.
My husband, Rick, and I have 2 daughters. Sarah lives in Fayetteville, and Laura is a teacher here at TAS. I have 5 grandchildren: Lily (10), Hudson(9), Caroline(6), Claire(4), and Cate (3). I love being a grandmother! Lily is in the fifth grade and Claire is in PreK4 here at TAS. Both of my daughters were students here at The Anthony School, also. Our family and The Anthony School have been closely connected for many years!