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June Enrichment Camps

Week 1 (June 3-7) 

LEGO: Everything is AwesomeCourtney Blaisdell

9-11am, June 3-7; Entering K-3rd; $150

1st Grade Reading EnrichmentCheryl Phelan

9-11am, June 3-7; Entering 1st; $175

Garden & Fort BuildingAdam McEvoy

9-11am, June 3-7; Entering PreK4-K; $200

Where the Wild Things AreCaroline Harper

9-11am, June 3-7; Entering PreK3-K; $150

Life Skills with Ms. LeahLeah Bushey    

9-11:30am, June 3-7; Entering 5th-8th; $250

Welcome to the JungleCourtney Blaisdell

1-3pm, June 3-7; Entering K-2nd; $175

1st Grade Math EnrichmentCheryl Phelan 

1-3pm, June 3-7; Entering 1st; $175

Glow ArtCaroline Harper 

1-3pm, June 3-7; Entering 1st-4th; $175

Magician CampAmy Prince

1-3pm, June 3-7; Entering 1st-4th; $175

Camp DisneyJennifer Dunlap

1-3pm, June 3-7; Entering K-2nd; $150

Garden & Fort BuildingAdam McEvoy

1-3pm, June 3-7; Entering 1st-4th; $200

Week 2 (June 10-14) 

2nd Grade Reading EnrichmentCheryl Phelan 

9-11am, June 10-14; Entering 2nd; $175

Enchanted ArtCaroline Harper

9-11am, June 10-14; Entering PreK3-K; $175

It’s a Pirate’s Life for MeCourtney Blaisdell

9-11am, June 10-14; Entering K-2nd; $150

Panther Community ProjectsMelissa Wolfe

9am-noon, June 10-14; Entering 6th-9th; $100

Brick by BrickSheri Hunter

9-11am, June 10-14; Entering K-3rd; $175

Theater Stage Movement & ChoreographyNicole Podesta & Michelle LeBlanc

9-11am, June 10-14; Entering 3rd-5th; $250

Trick Word BonanzaKayla Stout

9-11am, June 10-14; Entering 1st-2nd; $150

STEAM CampAdam McEvoy

9-11am, June 10-14; Entering PreK-K; $200

2nd Grade Math EnrichmentCheryl Phelan

1-3pm, June 10-14; Entering 2nd; $175

Clay FundamentalsCaroline Harper 

1-3pm, June 10-14; Entering 1st-4th; $250

Getting “Swiftie” With ItCourtney Blaisdell

1-3pm, June 10-14; Entering K-3rd; $150

Teen Musical TheaterNicole Podesta & Michelle LeBlanc

1-3pm, June 10-14; Entering 6th-12th; $250

STEAM CampAdam McEvoy

1-3pm, June 10-14; Entering 1st-4th; $200

Summer Parents' Night Out (Camping)- Jamie McGarry & Michele Purifoy
 5:30-9pm, June 14 only; Entering PreK4-4th Grade; $60

Week 3 (June 17-21) 

All-Star SportsJamie McGarry 

9-11am, June 17-21; Entering PreK4-K; $150

Cooking in Bloom- Denise Albert

    9-11am, June 17-21; Entering PreK4-1st; $200

LEGO 2: Everything is Still AwesomeCourtney Blaisdell 

9-11am, June 17-21; Entering K-2nd; $150

Write Your Own BookCaroline Harper 

9-11am, June 17-21; Entering 1st-5th; $200

Gilmore GirlsAbby French & Caitlin Watt

    9-11am, June 17-21; Entering 6th-8th; $200

Learn “Alotl” About AxolotlsCourtney Blaisdell

1-3pm, June 17-21; Entering 3rd-5th; $150

Hand Lettering and So Much MoreAbby French 

1-3pm, June 17-21; Entering 5th-9th; $200

Harry Potter ArtCaroline Harper 

1-3pm, June 17-21; Entering 1st-5th; $225

SpaTacularJennifer Dunlap

1-3pm, June 17-21; Entering K-2nd; $175

Summer Parents' Night Out (Pajama Party)- Jamie McGarry & Michele Purifoy
     5:30-9pm, June 21 Only; Entering PreK4-4th Grade; $60

Week 4 (June 24-28) 

ABCs of ArtCaroline Harper

9-10am (ONE HOUR class), June 24-28; Entering PreK3-PreK4; $75

Basketball CampCoach Vincent Hunter

9am-noon, June 24-28; Entering 7th-9th; $300

Zoo PartyCaitlin Watt

9-11am, June 24-28; Entering PreK4-1st; $175

PokémonCheryl Phelan

9-11am, June 24-28; Entering 1st-3rd; $200

Every Day’s a HolidayLeah Bushey

9-11am, June 24-28; Entering K-4th; $175

Chalk Art SpectacularKayla Stout

9-11am, June 24-26 (Mon-Wed ONLY); Entering 1st-4th; $100

Happy CampersCourtney Blaisdell

9-11am, June 24-28; Entering K-2nd; $150

Kamp KindnessJessi Kidwell

9-11am, June 24-28; Entering PreK4-1st; $175

Cooking in Boom- Denise Albert

    9-11am, June 24-28; Entering K-2nd; $200

DinoMITEJennifer Dunlap

1-3pm, June 24-28; Entering K-2nd; $150

Life Skills with Ms. LeahLeah Bushey    

1-3:30pm, June 24-28; Entering 5th-8th; $250


With email notification to the Director of Programming, Amanda Taylor ([email protected]), families may withdraw a participant from a summer day or enrichment camp under the following scenarios:

  • Cancellation of the camp more than or equal to 3 weeks from the start of your scheduled camp: You will receive a refund less 20% of the camp fee.

  • Cancellation of the camp less than 3 weeks away: You will receive a refund less 50% of the camp fee.

Participants who commence a summer session late, depart early, or miss days (whether due to violation of rules, for medical reasons, or at the election of the camper or family) will not receive any refund, proration, credit, or tuition reduction. 

The Anthony School reserves the right to cancel any camp due to under enrollment or unforeseen circumstances. Participants will be given the choice of selecting another camp or receiving a full refund of paid fees. The instructors of Enrichment Camps reserve the right to cancel if the camp attendance minimum is not met; if this occurs, you will receive a full refund.