Amanda Taylor Upper Elementary

Upper Elementary

Time in the library is busy in the upper elementary grades.  Students learn more about books, types of books and reasons to read the various literary genres.  In addition a significant amount of time is spent working on taking notes, both for research and during a lecture as well as discussing the research process.  The research process includes the Big9, plagiarism, types of sources, what a quality source is as well as digital citizenship. Students are welcome in the library at any time to find a book to check out to read for pleasure or for an assignment.



TAS has been very fortunate this summer, in that I was able to purchase so many amazing titles for our library! If you are a biography buff the collection of Who was/is...books has greatly expanded!! Want to know What is ... or Where is... come check it out!

Looking for a good book...try one off this list!

  • Book Lists A list of recommended titles by genre, includes a description of the book as well as the author.