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 The Anthony School
Performing Arts
(Pre-K 3 - 8th grade)
 "Confidence and self-esteem is built as students pour their individuality, their heart and soul, into a performance, and are literally applauded for their efforts. At the end of the day, theater education is important because students leave the program not only more knowledgeable students, but better people, than when they began." ~ Theater Seat
TAS is proud of their commitment to the performing arts. Each student from Pre-K 3 through 5th grade gets to be part of the cast in their grade's yearly musical production. Middle school students may participate in their fall production as a cast member, or they may choose to work in lighting/sound, set and costume design, or even apply to be Stage Manager. Our drama department, headed by Nicole Mann, works with our other fine arts programs, art and music, to ensure each Anthony student has the opportunity to enhance their core subjects by participating in an arts program.
Congratulations to the Cast and Crew of Shrek Jr. If you do not see your name below, please email me ASAP. Otherwise, have a fabulous summer.

Adams Luna Duloc/Jiminy Cricket
Almefty Laila Momma Ogre/ogre Fiona
Alsebai Zane Poppa Ogre/Ugly duckling/Knight
Amberg Reese Hansel
Anguaco Gabriella Wicked Witch/Dragon Wing
Baker Jack Grumpy/Duloc
Barnes Claire Little Fiona/Little Bo Peep
Blaisdell Brandon Guard/Knight
Bravo Ava Duloc/mouse
Brady Ellen Fionna
Browning Colin Guard/Knight
Bryde Elli Dragon
Buchner Ruth Mama BearStoryTeller
Bulloch Olivia Evil Stepsister
Carper Caroline Alice in Wonderland
Chai Maddie Duloc/bird
Chilcoat Henry 3 Little Pigs
Dunlap Faith Duloc/Bird
Duran Lindsey Little Red Riding Hood/Storyteller
Fahoum Sef Duloc/Dopey
Fan Ashley Gingy/Dragon Wing
Fan Beverly Duloc/bird
Fulmer Ashley Gretel
Gibbs Olivia Duloc/Baby Sheep
Glatter Riley Duloc/butterfly
Hansen Lena Duloc/butterfly
Haslauer Ethan Shrek
Evil Stepmother
jackson ellen Duloc/mouse
Johnson Cade Pinocchio
Kasten Christian Captain of the Guard
Lamb Matthew Duloc/Doc
Lorgen  Oliver Big Bad Wolf/Knight
McKelvy Fletcher Duloc/Sneezy
Michaels Cate Evil Stepsister
Mulhollan James 3 little Pigs
Nunnally Dennis Story Teller/Cheshire Cat
Owens Ava Story Teller/Snow White
Palmer sophie Duloc/bird
Parrish Grey Teen Fiona/Peter Pan
Peacock Sophie Duloc/butterfly
Razor Jacob Puss in Boots
Pied Piper
Quirk Ernie 3 Little Pigs
Salisbury Dalton Duloc/Happy
Stroud Dylan Rumplestiltskin/Guard
Sutter Anna Duloc/Rabbit
Taylor Dylan Baby Bear
Tillemans Boston Lord Farquaad
Townley Madolyn Duloc/mouse
Papa Bear/Bishop
Williamson Olivia crew
 Lyon            JP                  crew

Important Dates

Performance/Rehearsal Dates

Middle School Drama

Shrek: Remaining Practices:
Sunday 10/1 (1-4 PM)
Sunday 10/8 (1-4 PM)
Friday 10/13 (6-9 PM) Lock In Practice
Sunday 10/15 Mandatory Tech Rehearsal
Wednesday 10/18 School Performance (for students ONLY)
Shrek: Performances: 
VIP night: Thursday, 10/19 (Reception 6:00 PM; Performance 7:00 PM)
Friday, 10/20 7:00 PM (students need to arrive at 5:30)
Sunday, 10/22 2:00 PM (students need to arrive at 12:30; cast party TBD)
January 12-15, 2018
Elementary Plays: (2017-2018)
4th Grade: Friday, November 10
1st Grade: Friday, December 8
3rd Grade: Friday, February 16th
2nd Grade: Friday, March 9th
5th Grade: Thursday, April 26; Friday, April 27th
Kindergarten: Friday, May 11th
Talent Show:

JTF 2017-18 Fees

If you would like to pay online, please use the drop down menu above the "Add to Cart" button to select what JTF deposits and/or fees you are paying for. You will be directed to PayPal to complete your transaction. ALL deposits are due before the last day of the 2016-17 school year and all fees are due in full by 10/1/17.
Payment options are:
Student Deposit - $100
Student 1st Inst. Due 9/15 - $135
Student Balance Due 11/15 - $315
Student FULL Payment - $550
Chaperone Deposit - $100
Chaperone Balance Due 9/15 - $135
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