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One of the main reasons that students visit the library, either the school library or public library, is to work on research.  Though there are many wonderful tools available on the Internet, sometimes books are the most appropriate sources of information.  In addition, the librarian can often steer you in a good direction for research whether on the Internet or in the library itself. 
Organizing information is also a love of librarians! Please ask questions about outlining, categorizing, or flow of a paper or project.

Reading for Pleasure

It may seem like with school work, sports and social obligations there is little time to read for pleasure.  If this is the case it is vital that the right book is selected, no need to waste precious time on a choice that is not just right for you!  The statement "for every book there is a reader and every reader a book"  applies to middle school students as well.  Check out some of the links to see if one of these might be right for you!


The Big9 method for thinking through a project.

Links for help outside of school

Book Suggestions

Helpful Research Links

Links to Popular Author Sites