The Anthony School educates children PreK3 through 8th grade in a challenging and nurturing environment, engages them through an advanced curriculum, and empowers them to become independent and excited students.
Our Students…
…Are learning to think critically & creatively
…Are taught to communicate effectively and concisely while processing large amounts of worldwide information.
…Are challenged to reach their highest potential.
…Are mastering core subjects: science, math, reading, writing, & history with equal emphasis placed on exploring the arts, engaging in physical activity, community service, fostering leadership, foreign language study and cultural exposure.
…Learn the value of respect and self-discipline.
"The students who come to Little Rock Central High School from The Anthony School are the best prepared for the rigor of our Pre-AP and AP classes out of all Little Rock private and parochial schools."

-Nancy Rousseau, Principal of Little Rock Central High School

Advancing Independent & Excited Learners Since 1944
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