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7th & 8th Grade Volleyball

7th & 8th Grade Volleyball

DateGymTimeGrade Match
Sept. 10AS 6:45 7thAS -- SJ 
 AS 7:30 8thAS -- ST 
Sept. 13 HS 6:00 7thHS1 -- AS 
Sept. 17 AS 6:45 7th AS -- HS2 
 AS 7:30 8th AS -- HS2 
Sept. 20 IC 6:45 7th IC -- AS 
 IC 7:30 8th IC -- AS 
Sept. 24SE 6:45 8th AS -- CA 
 SE7:30 7th SE -- AS 
Sept. 27 CL 6:458th CA  -- AS 
 CL7:30 7th CL -- AS 
Oct. 4AS 7:30 8th AS -- HS1 
Oct. 11 AS 6:45 7th AS -- CTK
 AS 7:30 8thAS -- CTK 
Oct. 16HS7:30 8th HS2 -- AS 
Oct. 18 ST 6:00 7th ST -- AS 
Oct. 27MSM 3:007th TBD 
 MSM4:00 8th TBD 


Head Coach
Sawyer Schaedig - [email protected]
Asst. Coach
Ashton Winkelmeyer - [email protected] 


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