Student Council


Student Council

The Anthony School Student Council is a service organization, which provides opportunities for members to develop leadership skills as they organize service projects for the school and the community and coordinate social activities to promote school spirit. The council works through committees made up of representatives and other students who are interested in particular projects or activities. The council also provides for an exchange of ideas among the faculty and the student body.

The executive committee of the Anthony School Student Council is composed of the elected officers of the student body. These officers include the president, vice president, recording secretary, corresponding secretary and two lower school liaisons. Elections are held in the fall with speeches and a rally before hand. Candidates must have an 80% average in all classes and good citizenship. They must also complete an “intent to run for office” form.
Projects and activities sponsored by the Student Council include the following: school dances, Homecoming, and a Thanksgiving food drive.

Student Council Reminders

The Anthony School Student Council 2017-2018-
President- Ellen Brady
Vice President- William Romain
Recording Secretary- Olivia Bulloch
Cooresponding Secretary- Joseph Buchmann
6th grade Liasions- Faith Dunlap and Josh McNeil
Members at Large-
Zane Alsebai
Ruth Buchner
Milton Rodriguez
Boston Tillemans
John Volpe
Sophie Peacock
Dalton Salisbury

Important Information

Upcoming Meeting Dates

Student Council meetings will be held the first Wednesday of each month during A&E in Mrs Jackson's room. Your attendance is MANDATORY!
October- 10/4
November- 11/1
December- 12/6
January- 1/10
February- 2/7
March- 3/7
April- 4/4
May- 5/2 

Student Council Calendar

Aug 24

Middle School Back to School Dance

Middle School Back to School Dance
Sep 04

Student Council Elections Begin

Student Council Elections Begin
Sep 06

Student Council Rally

Student Council Rally
Sep 07

Student Council Voting

Student Council Voting
Sep 12

Student Council Inductions

Student Council Inductions
Sep 17

NO SCHOOL PREK-K (Parent Teacher Conferences); 1-8 IN SCHOOL

NO SCHOOL PREK-K (Parent Teacher Conferences); 1-8 IN SCHOOL