PreK 3 Teacher Page


PreK3: Ms. Jamie, Ms. Laura & Ms. Michele

Jamie, Laura & Michele have worked together as a team for the last seven years and have 26 combined years of experience teaching PreK3 at Anthony. They love to make learning fun and exciting for their students.
The following are some important 2018-19 dates:
August 13th - Anthony 101 for new Anthony families
August 15th - PreK3 popsicle party
August 16th - First day of school
August 24th - ParentCrew Coffee Social

Daily Schedules

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All About Me!

Worksheets your child may enjoy!

Fun Apps

There are so many great apps for kids. Here is a list of some of their favorites!
  • Monkey Word 
  • Letter School
  • Reading Ravens - Phonics
  • ToDo Math
  • Kodables
  • Kalideo Pro (Not Free)

PreK3 Special Classes

Art with Ms. Caroline
Library with Ms. Amanda
Music with Ms. Maureen
P.E. with Mr. Jeremy
Spanish with Ms. Claudia