John Jarboe - Middle School Violin


John Jarboe - MS VIOLIN

John Jarboe was born and raised in Parsons, Kansas. Graduated Parsons High School in 1961 & attended Pittsburg State University in Pittsburg, Kansas. He received Bachelor of Music Education in 1965 and Master of Music in 1970.

John served in United States Army from 1967 to 1969, stationed in Gelnhausen, Germany for 18 months while assigned to the Army Education Center.

After returning to the U.S., John moved to Nashville, Tennessee and played in the Nashville Symphony Orchestra while pursuing songwriting.

While visiting his sister in Maryland he auditioned for and was chosen to play the part of Jesus Christ in the first American production of Jesus Christ Superstar. John performed this role over 200 times at Diadem Theater in suburban Washington, D.C.

John resumed his teaching career in Parsons, KS, teaching string music from 1972-77. He moved to Arkansas in 1979, taught string music in El Dorado Schools from 1979 to 1988. He was an elementary Principal, K-6, at Tri-County Schools, from 1988-90 and Elementary Principal at Arkansas School for the Blind from 1996-2004.

John has been the Music Specialist/Program Advisor at Arkansas Department of Education from 2006 – 2012 and also continues as violist/booking agent for the Jarboe String Quartet.
VIOLIN is science. The vibrating string operates according to specific and exact principles of physics and acoustics. A piece of music is a chart, a graph which indicates frequencies, intensities, volume changes, melody, and harmony all at once and with the most exact control of time.

VIOLIN is math. Music is rhythmically based on the subdivision of time into fractions, carried out instantaneously by the mind.

VIOLIN is foreign language. Music is the most complete and universal language. Most musical terms are in Italian, German, or French. The notation is a highly developed shorthand that uses symbols to represent ideas.

VIOLIN is physical education. Playing a string instrument requires fantastic coordination, control of fingers, hands, arms, neck, back and shoulders muscles, responding instantly as the ear hears the sound and the mind interprets it.

VIOLIN is art. Playing a string instrument allows one to take basic knowledge and techniques and use them creatively to express emotion or to communicate an idea. Music develops insight.

      All Anthony School first and second graders take violin twice weekly as part of their regular curriculum. This unique opportunity is offered to third through eighth graders through the day or after school upon request.


6th Grade Homework

Play at home 3x for 15 min or more.
D scale with VARIATIONS!
Mississippi Quickly
Singles using 4th finger going up and open string coming down.
Use as many variations as you can think of! Work your bow arm!
Skipping Song - Play as written, then play backwards to strengthen your sight reading.
Flamenco Fantasy building blocks #2 line. Focus on the new Rhythm!
 LINE #1 play slowly - reach for 4th finger to play the Eb!!!
G Major/ C Major Scale sheet - variations #1&2
BROKEN THIRDS single and doubles and triplets!!!
october - 
Star spangled Banner first 2 lines! Play slowly...



7th Grade Homework

D scale - F# C #
 use several variations!!
I love Practicing # 37 A GOOD REVIEW!!
Graduation Rag # 38 using very light fingers to go quickly!
Play slowly in sections then speed up to improve speed.
Sheet music:

8th Grade Homework