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Maureen Adkins - 1st & 2nd Grade Music


1st & 2nd Grade Music

Things are moving and shaking in First and Second Grade Music!
What a great year we are having in first grade music!  We will continue to learn about dynamics, tempo, and the instruments and their families in the orchestra. We are using popsicle sticks to begin learning how to notate rhythms.
Second graders are singing folk songs and songs from other countries. A favorite is a singing game called Pizza, Pizza, Daddy-O.   Notes and rhythms.  Peter and the Wolf.   The timbre of instruments in the orchestra.  The story and the music of the Nutcracker.   The National Anthem.  Songs from around the world.  We are working with the Blue Game to notate quarter notes and eighth notes. 
The Beat and the list goes on.

Contact Ms. Maureen
Welcome to Music here at the Anthony School. I am finishing my 25th year here. I love music and love to teach and hope to engage my students to become people who love to learn.
I have a Master's Degree in Music from the University of Mississippi.
My husband, Rick, and I have 2 daughters. Sarah lives in Fayetteville, and Laura  is a teacher here at TAS. I have 5 grandchildren, Lily(10), Hudson(8), Caroline(5), Claire(4), and Cate (2).  I love being a grandmother!!!  Lily has just finished the fourth grade this year, her seventh year at The Anthony School.  Claire completed her first year here at Anthony in the Pre-K 3's program.  Both of my daughters were students here at The Anthony School, also. Our family and the Anthony school have been closely connected for many years!