Adele Jackson - 8th Grade Algebra



Welcome to 8th grade math- Algebra 1! I am thrilled for the opportunity to continue building a math foundation for our students at The Anthony School! I am beginning my 9th year at TAS and my 19th year in the classroom. Although, I have taught all subject matters in elementary school, my passion has always been math! I am excited to create a love of learning in my middle school math students!
I am a mom to my 7th grade daughter, Ellen, and my 4th grade son, William.  
Please always feel free to ask questions and reach out to me when needed! I love learning, teaching, and The Anthony School!
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Be Prepared For Class
Anytime you enter your math class, please bring with you the following items:

1) Math book
2) Math notebook (preferably a three ring binder that includes both notebook paper and graph paper)
3) Math workbook
4) Sharpened pencils (as many as you need to get you through the class period)
** Additional items you may want to bring to class, but are not required:
- red pen or pencil for checking and grading
- calculator for checking work when allowed
- a ruler or protractor for use as a straightedge when graphing

Math Notebook Documents

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