4th & 5th Grade Homework



4th Grade Assignments are in Red
5th Grade Assignments are in Blue
Grammar & Composition Homework
4th-   Read as much poetry as you can the next couple of weeks to help you write your own.  Finish the rough draft of your simile poem by 1/17. Finish Journeys pgs. 139-143 by 1/22.  Test over present, past, and future tenses will be on Thursday, 1/24.
5th-  Finish Journeys pgs. 79-83 by 1/22.  Test over direct and indirect objects and verbs on 1/24.  
Math Homework
4th- Prac book pg 105 * w/reason Due 1/17
*Chapter 5 Test 1/23 
5th- Prac book pg 135 Due 1/17
*Chapter 6 Test 1/23 
Reading Homework
4th -
5th- The City of Ember -Vocab. for ch. 15-20 test on Thurs. 1/24.  Finish the book by Fri. 1/25. (You do not have to have word lists for these last 5 chapters)
Science Homework
4th - Ch. 1 test is Friday, 1/25 
5th - Ch. 6 test is Tuesday, 1/29. Look at moon 2-3 times per week for the month of January, Planet Reports due 1/30
Spelling Homework
4th- No Spelling this week :) 
5th-  Lesson 17 test will be on 1/25.  Finish word sort before 1/22.
Social Studies/History Homework
4th- Midwest Vocab. test on Wed. Jan. 30. 
Vocabulary Homework
4th- Complete 7E if not finished in class. ** only 12 answers have to be done the rest are bonus. Due 1/17. Study for test. 
* Lesson 7 Test 1/17 
5th- Begin studying and become familiar with lesson 9 vocab words.
If you get cold easily, please bring a sweatshirt to library.
Your genre posters and presentations are due 12/3 and 12/6.
If you get cold easily, please bring a sweatshirt to library.
French: Finish the evaluation I gave you.  It will be due Friday 12/7.
4th- French -
         Hesselbein -
5th - Clark - WBPGs 39 & 40.  Due Friday, Jan 11
5th - Raines - WBPG 39 & 40.  Due Wednesday, Jan 9