4th & 5th Grade Homework



4th Grade Assignments are in Red
5th Grade Assignments are in Blue
Grammar & Composition Homework
4th Grade - Bring a composition notebook at your earliest convenience.  Finish pgs. 1-4 in your grammar book by 8/22.  We will have time in class on Monday to work on them.
5th Grade - Finish pgs. 1-4 in your grammar book by 8/22.  We will have some time to work on them in class on Monday. 
Math Homework
5th- Complete birthday graph
DUE: Tuesday 8/22 
Reading Homework
4th: finish summer reading - novel, No Talking, due Monday, 8/28
5th: Bring Homework Machine Book with you to class. You should have finished the book already!  
Science Homework
4th Grade:
5th Grade:
Spelling Homework
4th Grade- 8/21: Back to School list ABC order 
DUE: 8/22 
5th Grade - If you didn't finish your word sort in class, make sure it is done before tomorrow (8/22).  Pg. 4 due Thursday, 8/24.  Don't forget to complete the challenge as well.
Social Studies/History Homework
4th & 5th grade -bring a 4 x 6 picture of yourself from anywhere you went this summer. Please write your name and the name of the place, state, and country on the back of the photo. The picture can be printed on regular paper but not larger than 4x6 please. Due by Fri. 8/25. 
Vocabulary Homework
Spanish Homework
Finish your TB scavenger hunt.  Don't forget to write in complete sentences.  Due Aug. 22


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