4th & 5th Grade Homework



4th Grade Assignments are in Red
5th Grade Assignments are in Blue
Grammar & Composition Homework
4th-   Continue working on your stories if you have not already turned them in.  Read it to someone.
5th-    Continue working on your stories.
Math Homework
4th- Prac. book pg 89 Due 11/16
*Chapter 4 Test 11/28 
Reading Homework
4th -
5th- Finish your August speech by tomorrow 11/14 if you didn't finish it in class today. 
Science Homework
4th -
5th -Invention Fair: Final journal check is Friday, 11/16; the prototype/model of invention due Thursday, 11/29. Invention Fair is Friday, 11/30. 
Spelling Homework
4th- Study for test. 
Lesson 11 Test 11/16 
5th- No spelling this week.
Social Studies/History Homework
Class Geography Bees will be held on Wed. & Thurs. Nov. 7 & 8!!!
4th-  Extra Credit: Northeast Region - Chose a state in the NE and cut out the shape of that state. Write 5 interesting facts about that state inside your shape.  (Write in complete sentences and be sure the facts are in your own words) Due- Thurs. 11/15. 
5th-Extra Credit: Early Settlements Magazine pg. 18 Create An Advertisement.  Due- Thurs. 11/15. 
Don't forget to bring in QUARTERS for Heifer to help fight world hunger!!
Vocabulary Homework
5th- 6E id due tomorrow in class 11/15.  Lesson 6 vocab test is also tomorrow, 11/15.
If you get cold easily, please bring a sweatshirt to library.
Your genre posters and presentations are due 12/3 and 12/6.
If you get cold easily, please bring a sweatshirt to library.
Your powerpoint will be due the week we get back from Thanksgiving, you will have one class period to work on it. Hesselbein will be due 11/28 French 11/30.
5th - Raines:  Finish drawing and coloring your altars.  Don't forget to write sentences about what you have on your altars and why.  Due Nov. 14.