1st Grade Teacher Page

Welcome to the First Grade page!  Please check this page each Monday for announcements, important dates, and weekly objectives.

Important Dates Coming Up

5/1 Violin program 9:30 (gym) 
5/3 Zoo Field Trip 
5/9  Muffins with Mom (TAS cafeteria) 8:00-8:30 
5/21 Mini-Olympics 
5/23  Last Day (early dismissal 12:30) 

Look What We're Learning


Spelling:  Spelling lists will contain 2 sight words and 8 words that have a common sound.  This week's words will have long o spelled ow.  This week's words are low, own, know, bowl, snow, grown, show, below, been, and about There will also be a review sentence that contains this week's words and past list words.  The spelling test will be on Friday.  Click on the Spelling City link for games to practice these words and review past list words.

Phonics:  We will continue reviewing phonics skills learned this year.

Handwriting: We will continue reviewing all upper and lowercase letters.  We will focus on correct pencil grip, using lines correctly, and forming letters and numbers correctly from top to bottom.

Grammar: This week we will begin reviewing skills learned this year. 

Math: We will complete our unit on probability and begin learning to add 2-digit numbers with regrouping.

Unit:   We will continue our unit on animal classification (mammals, fish, reptiles, birds, and amphibians)